My name is Jen, and I am a food fanatic.  A painfully indecisive one at that.  Rob, my partner in food and in life, knows my face so well that he can identify the second I've stopped listening to whatever he's talking about, and started asking myself what my next meal is going to be.  Burgers or Indian, pasta or barbecue, ramen or oysters?  These are some of life's most difficult questions.  Thankfully, he accepts me for my gluttonous self by listening to my ramblings, reading my meal-planning itineraries that project every meal two weeks in advance, and gently patting my head and nodding.  What more could you want in a man?

The things I'll be posting on this blog are the fruits of this laborious and obsessive decision-making process.  If it's a recipe, know that I will have spent the better half of the day reading recipe reviews, visiting the sites of other talented bloggers, and criss-crossing about town to three different stores to find the right ingredients.  If it's a restaurant review, rest assured that the place has been intensely researched by cross-referencing reliable sources, and that Yelp is the last thing I trust.   And if it's just any random thing that I happen to be stuffing into my face at any given time, be confident that it is never just because I am hungry, but because it tastes really good.

Every good meal is made up of a combination of things - research and luck, crunchy and chewy, bacon and chocolate, and salt and love.  Thanks for reading!