kitchenless..but still hungry

Well, it's been a long, long time and lot has happened.  I graduated school, moved back home, took the bar exam, lost fifteen pounds, passed the bar exam, ate all of the above, gained five pounds, got engaged, started a job in New York, and moved to an apartment...WITH NO KITCHEN.  Don't ask me to explain...it hurts enough as it is.  

Given that last bit of unfortunate news, I suppose that it seems like a strange time to start a food blog back up again.  The truth is that the routine of working a full time job has left me aching for that sense of escape I got from my continuous, and sometimes neurotic, obsession with food. 

In trying to figure out a new direction for salt and love, I realized that, in a somewhat enlightening moment, that it never had a true direction to begin with.  All I ever wanted to do was document my love life with eating and food, so that one day, when I am old, senile, and inevitably obese, I can look back on this blog through my Google specs and relive my dearest memories of stuffing my face.  

So, kitchen or no kitchen, onward and upwards we go!